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Why Social Media I Hear You Ask?

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Social media, one of the biggest trends to take over the internet. Where would we be without it right? – From both a personal and business side of things.

Or do you have little knowledge of what social media can do for your business? We know why having your very own online footprint is important (if you don’t then click here for our previous blog), but what about the benefits of incorporating social media platforms into your marketing and communication strategies?

Read on if you’re looking to get your head around why the likes of Facebook and Instagram have transformed brand reputation, increased exposure and ultimately boosted business.

Social media is where your audience are

As obvious as it sounds, most people are active social media users. It’s used globally by a wide range of people, including your target audience. Whether that be sharing their selfies over Instagram, asking for recommendations over Facebook or searching for what’s trending on Twitter, they are present, ready and waiting to view your content….

And that is why using social media to communicate with your audience is the most effective and efficient way nowadays. You’ll actually see big brands using social media for customer service related activities too over their usual traditional forms.

You need to utilise this free strategy in some way to keep competitive and in front of your audience’s’ eyes!

You need to be in it to win it

A major part of the buying process now includes using social media to search for recommendations, local businesses and complete product research. It’s now more likely for a customer to search for your social accounts for information over your website. How does that make you feel? – Especially if you currently have inactive accounts.

If you’re looking to progress your business, you need to move with and keep on top of the latest technological and behavioural trends. If you’re account doesn’t come up, people will look elsewhere.

It’s the perfect hub for business exposure

Are you looking to make your customer experience more convenient while also minimising your generic customer service activity? Having your own social accounts act as the perfect hub for your business. This is down to the fact you can list all your company details online, while also providing a user-friendly process for your audience. Think of the simple questions you get asked each day – This will help to minimise unnecessary interaction and provide you with more time for quality engagement.

They can do anything from booking a table and finding your address to viewing your opening times and comparing reviews. By utilising these functions, you’ll be providing the best level of service to your customers and guide them through the buying process.

Along with generic information, you can increase the exposure of your brand, culture, product or service through your own content creation. This can be anything from visual posts to linking your blog or e-commerce store. The opportunities of growth are endless once you step online!

Get involved while boosting your brand reputation

One of the best ways you can boost your online reputation is by getting your name out there through collaborating with social influencers and encouraging business recommendations with your customers. For example, you could provide an incentive for each customer who leaves their thoughts on your page or tags you in their personal posts.

Additionally, social influencers and bloggers have a large impact online, therefore by working with influencers who represent and support your business vision, you’ll increase the opportunity to get your brand out there and attract positive connections.

Measure your hard work

Along with all the above benefits of increasing your engagement and exposure levels, using free platforms like Facebook also provides you with the opportunity to measure your hard work, and from there make any necessary changes. Where else would you receive all these features for free?

Here at TSBM, we can’t recommend incorporating social media activity into your marketing strategies more, and that is why we are here to help you. If you’re looking to experience the above benefits, while also moving with the times and boosting your competitive advantage, we are armed with the knowledge and experience to support you.

Contact our team here today for more information on how we can help you make the most of social media and firmly place your name online.

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