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Why You Need An Instagram Account!

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Grow your busiess through an Instagram account

Social media has well and truly taken over. It’s taken over our day to day lives, the way we communicate, do business and even shop – I’m sure many of us can’t go a few hours without scrolling through our newsfeed….

And one of the predominant platforms which has influenced this shift is Instagram!

Now from reading my opening paragraph alone, you should feel motivated to create an active Instagram for your business, but just in case you need a little more persuading, here is why Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms.

Instagram activity

With over 500 million global active daily users, it’s one of the biggest social media platforms when considering traffic and engagement. Now you may feel that this type of platform is only suitable for a product focused business, but it’s actually suitable for all if used correctly.

Although Instagram helps to convert audiences into customers from both a product and service point of view, its key function and benefit is building a strong brand.

The basis of your activity should include content which reflects who you are as a brand – Ultimately your personality and message. Once you’ve circulated content which lets your followers get to know you and want to support you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to drip-feed posts that help to upsell your product/service.

Remember, people buy people first. Your account reflects your persona… Make sure to get your characteristics heard!

Opportunities for interaction

One key benefit of having your business on Instagram is the increase of opportunities to engage and interact with your audience. From posting relatable content and replying to customer service comments, to increasing your awareness through reposting your customer selfies and boosting your mentions/tags, there are many creative ways to make you audience feel involved.

As noted above, you want to showcase your persona rather than being perceived as a social media robot, and you can do this by utilising the functions Instagram has to offer – You would be silly to ignore this free tool.

Increase your visibility through Instagram

If you didn’t already know, one massive social media trend is using hashtags – and Instagram is one of the best platforms to utilise them.

Say you have a business promoting fitness. You can use hashtags such as #fitnessgoals, #fitfam and your location to grow your visibility. This can work in your favour as active users search for relatable hashtags to find high value content. You can even start your own hashtag that will help to grow your following.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in each post – I would recommend using as many as you can, but ensure they are suitable for the context of your post or offering.

Reflect your culture

Linked to sharing your personality, Instagram provides you with both image and video formats to showcase your company culture. One-way companies utilise this well is by sharing behind the scenes content that shows your audience exactly what it’s like to work under your brand, any company news or product launches. This is highly recommended to build a level of trust with your followers, while providing a motive for your audience to follow your future content.

Technological developments

As time progresses, so do social media functions, and Instagram fully embraces this. From introducing Instagram live stories, interactive filters and Instagram TV, the platforms is well ahead of the tech curve… And this is exactly why you should focus time and effort on it.

Along with showcasing your personality, you can also use its new features to complete market research through the poll function and even track your interaction levels on the settings page.

Now we know why you need to click on a new tab and sign up to Instagram right now, but here’s my top tips for starters on utilising the platform:

– Engage with your followers: Many large brands ignore the interaction they receive due to high volumes, however with starting out, your engagement will be significantly less. You should make the effort to interact with those who interact with you – This will go a long way and help build your online relationships.

– Be active: Now this doesn’t mean be online 24/7, but also avoid leaving large gaps between posts. Ideally you want to be posting at least once daily, while also sharing a variety of stories. To kick start, you need to drip-feed consistent content!

– Aesthetics: When selecting content to use, make sure that your images are aesthetically pleasing, are your own real images or are free images off sites such as Unsplash. Additionally, make sure your content follows your branding guidelines, such as your font style and colours. The best accounts out there have strong branding themes which are easy on the eye.

– Utilise the new tech features: One of the best ways to hit the ground running is by learning Instagram features and utilising any new tech developments which are implemented. You want to be perceived as a current, active brand!

If you’re looking for any further information or support in relation to Instagram or social media in general, contact us today and we can help build and manage your business social accounts.

If you’re wondering why we rave about social media for business, click here to read one of our previous blogs, ‘Why social media I hear you ask?’.

For the latest technological developments on social media, follow our Instagram on @thesocialbutterflymw

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